zero tolerance
Kelly Ellis


Hi Kelly,

I can’t tell you how disgusted I am with the recruiter who responded to your experiences at Google. I’m also a recruiter and find his attitude so depressing. I work so hard as a recruiter to build credibility, as we often get labeled as worthless and annoying, and as a woman to encourage other women to embrace a career in technology because I’ve seen so many flourish. Reading your experiences and his response has me rethinking everything.

Please know that you have support from many recruiters, and not just women. Your story was shared on the Electronic Recruiters Exchange, and no one said “eh, he’s got a point”. If men can’t treat women the same way they do each other, they shouldn’t be working anywhere.

I know I can’t solve the bigger problems you’re having, but I hope knowing this isn’t acceptable to the people who are peers to this recruiter might help just a bit.

My best to you.

Stephanie McDonald

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