Keeping your data secure is becoming a luxury good — and the poor risk becoming second-class online citizens

TThe modern understanding of personal privacy was first defined in the landmark 1890 essay “The Right to Privacy.” Its authors, Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis (the latter of whom eventually joined the Supreme Court), were wealthy American lawyers concerned about how the paparazzi of the time were deploying a powerful…

The surprise discovery of a giant oyster under Pier 40 has sparked a wave of optimism among conservationists, who want a billion oysters to bloom in the bay

In July 2018, a diver working with a construction crew under Pier 40 in New York City discovered an astonishingly large oyster glued to an underwater piling. Knowing that the pilings were about to be power-washed and encased in concrete, he managed to pry it loose. …


Our shared photographs now create nostalgia in real time

II remember, as a child, pulling my grandmother’s yellowed Polaroids from the dusty shoebox I’d found high up in her closet. That afternoon, we sat next to each other on the couch, pulling old photos from the box one by one.

Although she couldn’t recall exactly where and when each…

Stéphane Lavoie

Writer based in Vancouver, Canada

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