《Branch Modernize Buddhism : Chapter 2》(现代佛学第2章)

Chapter Two: He is an Ordinary Man

Gautama Buddha (释迦摩尼),he was born in a rich family, India, might be 556BC. Just like any silver-spoon kids, his life is boring, go for perfect idealism lifestyle.

At that time in India, Sadhu(苦行僧) is popular, after he study six years, even been fainted by hungry, then he realized Sadhu can not free his soul.

The form of superstition, someone on Spirits, someone on Sadhu, as you know, Gautama Buddha is same, that mean his intelligence quotient (IQ) is not on a high level. Lifespan maybe 80 years, which mean Buddha, can not extend life, even himself. He is an ordinary man.

The Chinese Buddhist in front of Buddha-idol, kneel and pray for Long-Life, it is superstition, because the Buddhism now, is changed by Chinese historical law in past thousands years, from its original to fraud. Gautama Buddha now is not an ordinary man, he is a God. In front of the Idol, a donate box with Chinese Words: “Donate, Merit (功德) will more”.

They make the Buddha as high as a God, and told in the books like a God, that mean: Ordinary people couldn’t be Buddha.

Branch of Modernize Buddhism (BMB) which established by Stephone Chow, believed that, in its original site, because Gautama Buddha is an ordinary man, not a God, so the ordinary person can be Buddha by practice, and no need to donate money to anyone.

Buddhist transfer to BMB, mostly were those who well educated and rich, after they learned BMB, they were shocked, and they know by practice himself, he can be like the Buddha, and no need to pay any monks. That mean, those who will not donate to Temple.

As more and more Buddhist transfer to believe BMB, promote the Traditional-Buddha-Temple which has relation with Gov, threaten our believers and reports our commissioners to authority.

Nowadays, Buddhism Temple built the magnificent buildings, monks wears kasaya (袈裟) , that’s all for fraud. Original site, nothing like that. Even the Kasaya is the clothes then Indian wearing, modern India, the women is still wearing the traditional clothes very like Kasaya. That mean Kasaya is ordinary people wearing. With the religious meanings on it, it is for fraud purpose.

So, when BMB believers commissioning work, they not wear Kasaya, They wear ordinary clothes, as be BMB Buddhist, every thing you can wear even Bikini is okay.

As Gautama Buddha (释迦摩尼) thought, Everything is Equal. So Buddha and human binge, is equal too. The MBM deeply believed that, Gautama Buddha is against the Idolatry and against Buddhist kneel. Even in the ancient images from India, when Gautama Buddha teaching his students, no one kneels.

So BMB against the Idolatry of Buddha, we believed that, Buddha and Human bing is equal, and human bing after practice an been a Buddha.

We not wear Kasaya.

We not Idolatry.

We not kneel.

We not donate.

That is the difference between BMB Buddhist and traditional Buddhist in china.

Why so many traditional Buddhist transfer to BMB Buddhist?

As the Monks told them Donate for Merit, you can be closer to Gautama Buddha. But the Buddha, they decrypted like God, very high. You can be closer but not touch.

As they wished, BMB told them Gautama Buddha is an ordinary man, so an ordinary man can be the Buddha without donation. It mean the believers, peoples same ordinary, can be Buddha also.

So they transfer to believe BMB more and more.

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