Which Doritos ad scored a touchdown?

Doritos Cowboy Kid ad aired in 2014 Superbowl.

Doritos Cowboy Kid ad was the classic underdog younger brother vs. older brother. In this ad you will see the character mom arrive at home and ask her sons to help her unload groceries. The older brother replies with a rude comment and then mom opens up the car to show a bag of Doritos. Then you will witness an ultimate battle of older brother vs. underdog to see who will get to the chips first. The underdog prospers by using their dog as a horse and lassos the chips right from his older brothers hand!

The ad’s target audience is families and children. The tone is humorous and displays the classic underdog prospering. Doritos becomes identified when the mom opens the car door and shows her sons that she had purchased a bag of Doritos.

This ad uses this ad to tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. The exposition uses character development by showing the boys playing together. The incident is when mom shows the Doritos and we think to ourselves “who’s going to get the bag of chips?” The rising action is the fight back and forth. The climax is when the younger brother lassos the chips and uses the dog to win. Falling action is the younger brother eating chips and the denouement is mom cheering and older brother getting tied up.

Doritos Goat 4 Sale ad aired in 2013 Superbowl.

Doritos Goat 4 Sale ad begins with a man purchasing a goat who also shares a love for Doritos just like himself. They begin their relationship with both enjoying Doritos together. Throughout the ad, the goat eats Doritos at a nonstop pace. A room full of Doritos later… the goat wipes out all of the Doritos and turns angry because he wants more. The goat freaks out and turns against the man and at the end of the story the man is now trying to sell the goat to someone else.

This Doritos ad is definitely humorous and targets lonely single men. The company is identified in this ad straight from the start. The first scene is the man eating a bag of chips on a walk and coming across a goat also eating a bag of Doritos (instant love).

The ad does follow a narrative story structure. The exposition is the man purchasing the goat. The rising action is them enjoying Doritos together. The climax is the goat running out of chips and going crazy because of it. The denouement is the man trying to sell the goat to someone else.

Now which ad was most effective? The Cowboy Kid had a stronger narrative. You can clearly recognize the beginning, middle and end. I think following this structure, made it easier for the viewers’ to follow the ad and stay attentive. Doritos 2014 ad definitely scored a touchdown on this one. Using humor and fiction to share a underdog, winning story was genius and will make people more likely share.

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