History repeats itself: American Election 2016

We look back on The Second World War in a state of confusion… how could German citizens have fallen for the offensive, hierarchical nonsense leaving Adolf Hitler’s mouth. It’s clear that he built his party and leadership on lies and fake promises and yet, he successfully managed to get into power and cause all kinds of damage. And why?… Desperation! Desperate times call for desperate measures and when things seem bad, people turn in a new, more radical direction, supporting leaders that don’t deserve a second glance.

The easy way out is to pin the blame on a group of people, it’s even easier if they’re already considered outsiders or different from ourselves by members of our society. By isolating the group further, we encourage a segregated society whereby issues can’t be faced as one unit and instead cause further divide and further weakness when fighting the problem. When the scapegoats turn out not to be the monsters they were believed to be, they’re only painted like it anyway, encouraging cultural divide.

It’s Nazi Germany 1930s… We need a country ran by the ‘Aryan Race’, free from Jews, free from black people, free from people with disabilities and illnesses. In fact, only mentally and physically healthy German citizens with blonde hair, blue eyes and a loyalty to the country may live here.

Skip forward to America 2016 and we need a country ran purely by white people, free from Muslims, free from Mexicans (let’s build a wall to ensure they stay out!), free from black people and where women only serve to look pretty and please men, consensual or otherwise.

Both criteria are pretty bleak, not to mention impossible in a culturally diverse society prevalent today. The only real difference is that one dates back to the early 20th century, where we’ve already witnessed the result, and one dates to today where we could potentially make the same mistake again and then wonder why history repeats itself.

Considering the similarities between both Hitler and Donald Trump, it’s difficult to understand how Trump has successfully got to this stage in the American elections. People appear to be buying into his ridiculous and offensive statements, which have singled out a large portion of the voters yet somehow, some remain undeterred.

It may well be a case of the lesser of two evils for the majority of people but considering the track record of Trump, whilst he may well ‘Make America great again’ by making more money, odds are, American citizens won’t actually benefit from this. A number of people have come forward and explained how Trump took advantage of their business, leaving them with heavy bills and debts to pay in exchange for his monetary success. We saw a similar betrayal in Hitler’s promise to give German citizen’s a Volkswagon in exchange for weekly payments.

Patriotism can evidently be a dangerous thing when it comes to the support for a candidate and rather than focusing on the unity of the people, promises of a better future (for some citizens anyway) blindside people to the dangers of the promises they are buying into.

Are you voting for the right reasons?