Should there be clear protocol for relationship & network building on LinkedIn?

I must say it’s with a slightly sick feeling in my stomach that I publish this, and indicative of the very visceral challenge of greater visibility in our work. However, in the spirit of courageously showing up more authentically in my life and work, I’m addressing an issue I feel strongly about: unwanted invitations and inappropriate or ambiguous outreach on LinkedIn.

This week on LinkedIn I received an unsolicited message from a new, unknown contact:

N.B. Whatever your spontaneous reaction or considered response to this post, please comment…

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A Unique Strategy For Following Up + Following Through For Solo Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Just Getting Started.

Following through + following up with your ideas, projects and initiatives in our business is key to our success.

So if that’s the case, why is it sometimes so hard to :

Write and finish that book.

Outline & record that online course.

Upload your portfolio or testimonials to your website.

Launch your mastermind, Etsy store; or cafe, gallery or community centre.

Reach out to new suppliers or distribution networks.

Do your yearly accounting.

Continue your weekly newsletter, blog, podcast YouTube…

4 steps to reclaiming what matters most and launching your ideas with more ease, joy, and freedom.

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On LinkedIn this week tens of people are iterating on the same sentiment:

F*ck the hustle.

Where and when did the word hustle and what it’s come to embody for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs begin to grow such thick roots in our startup culture?


NB. If you love or prefer podcasts, this post is based on my podcast episode here.


The culture that’s supposed to be about living and working on your own terms doing what you’re passionate about?

How do you become happier, less stressed and more in control of your business?

You develop a 4-Step Overwhelm Avoidance Plan, of course!

Heads up: In this post I use ’empire’ as a metaphor for modern business. In our beautiful, ultra-connected world we have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions with our offers, and with that comes not only wealth and reward, but also a huge responsibility to our ‘people’ and ’empire’: our audience, clients, customers and the planet. That’s why I’ve called the Checklist for this post ‘The Thriving Empire’ Checklist. You can download it right here.)

When you first started your…

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How to be successful? is a question more easily answered if you remove one of the end results typically associated with success (that makes most people feel like a failure).


When money — oodles of it — is the key determinant of success you get a world filled with companies like Walmart that chase profit at the expense of everything else, and the regrets of good humans who sell their good companies to bad companies:

“I regret selling Green & Blacks to Cadbury. It was a mistake. A great shame… I wish I’d kept hold of it.”


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You’ve thought about it. You’d love to do it. And even though you can’t quite put your finger on what it might be… it excites the crap out of you.

I’m talking about starting your own business.

If it offered you a work-life balance and a good standard of living you’d sign up on the spot.

And that’s it right there.

The cold icy finger of doubt that slides slowwwwwly up your neck as you sit at your desk and whispers:

“What if I’m not good enough, creative enough, smart enough?”

“What if I risk everything and end up with…

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If you’re ready to startup on the side and turn your commute into an incubator hub, startup podcasts are the best way to absorb the latest strategies and tactics without much effort at all.

Call it subliminal learning, there’s magic in learning through story.

And when you have the most interesting storytellers interviewing most interesting humans who’ve done the most interesting things in their life and work, well BOOM! You have a recipe for an education better than any ivy league MBA.

In fact, considering most MBAs can’t even get a job in this economic climate, looking to your peers…

Your startup can be equally as unstoppable as your hair. (Image: Noah Hinton via Unsplash))

Starting up is less about what you want to create and much more about who you want to be, how you want to feel, and what kind of impact you want to have.

And typically these sorts of things can’t be found in lists of ‘The 10 best startup books’ that list business books.

The obsession with copying other people’s blueprints and strategies boils my blood, because your path to success is as unique as your eyeball.

I have two tips for finding the best startup books for YOU:

  1. Read the life stories of those whose life, impact and legacy…

For fledgling & future entrepreneurs.

What’s the point of making loads of money if we’re exhausted all the time and our relationships are falling apart?

Seems like an obvious question, but with the excitement of starting up and the race to manifest our goals it’s easy to get caught up in working 24–7.

While we’re busy doing this our life disintegrates and we burnout within the first 18 months. Often painfully quicker than that. Crash. Burn.

Been there. Done that. And it royally sucks.

We start our own thing to create more freedom, but at the outset that’s the very…

Taking a back seat is not one of them.

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Did you know that the word ‘career’ can be used to describe your ‘vocation’ and a ‘lack of control’?!

When you google the definition of career it describes it first as ‘an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress’ and second as ‘move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way.’

Well now, that explains everything!!!

It’s amusing at first, but when you think a little deeper into it, it’s clear that its one of the greatest tragedy of our times.

We find ourselves careering…

Stephanie T Holland

Creator of The Freedom Philosophy. Loves Earl Grey, macaroons and roses ;)

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