Week 12

In your ePortfolio comment on whether you would use either of these with your primary students and why.

I love the Follow the Digital Trail Footprint’. I think this is a great way to portray to students the importance of what you post online and what you shouldn’t post online. It also uses simple language and is easy to understand. I will definitely be using this in my classroom as a way to teach children about being safe online.

If anything you have done online makes up your digital footprint, what is YOUR digital footprint made up of?

It would be made up of photos, social events I attend, photos of performances as I am part of a greek dancing group and interaction between family members. Also educational things such as blogs and twitter to assist in university work.

Do you need to add anything to your last list? Add them here.

  • Youtube searches
  • My email, where I attend my studies.

What will you change to make your digital footprint more suitable?

I will always be aware of what I am posting online and be careful of who can see my posts and if i want them seeing my posts. If I don’t want my family to see it then don’t post it.

Google yourself. Are you surprised by what you found?

No. Only embarrassing things such as photos from an old twitter account!