My family originates from Croatia, on a tiny island in the Adriatic Sea. I made it a goal of mine to know my heritage and understand my ancestors’ way of life. So, I decided to spend my summers living the life that they did on Olib, Croatia. This is my story.

Upon arrival, I learned just how small the island was. In the winter, it houses about 140 people, so it’s safe to say that everyone knows everyone. I was excited to have my grandparents by my side to teach me what island life was and how things have changed…

I recently finished the college application and commitment process and I would like to share my tips on how I chose the school for me. Life after high school is daunting for many students, which makes choosing a university almost impossible. Where you spend your next years can change the course of your life. Here are 10 things I wish I knew before choosing a college.

1. Only Visit Schools You Have a Good Feeling About

Seniors are known for dragging their parents to tons of schools in all locations and environments before finding one they really like. I strongly advise against this because it can be overwhelming and confuse…

Stephanie Vojvodich

Hi! I’m a student writer that wants to share my life experiences and help those who read my stories.

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