An Apology
Jane Hwangbo

I’m just glad that you didn’t delete the article like some people do in these type of situations. Here’s why:

When you present people with new ideas or concepts, especially when it’s related to something they care about (like money), you may be challenging their worldview. Their worldview is basically the foundation of their personality. It’s developed from their upbringing, life experiences, traditions, etc. Challenging someone’s worldview may actually cause them pain, which causes them to react badly and say it’s offensive. This is why the backfire effect happens.

It’s actually not surprising that an article intended to change people’s mindsets would offend people. People don’t like to change, and they don’t like being told to change. I’m just glad you didn’t delete the article because some people don’t mind having their worldview challenged, and allowing themselves to change to become better people.

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