Sorry, you’re not wrong.

Image by Kot Bonkers

Talk from my Kundalini Yoga Class on Aug 22, 2016 —

We came to Earth to live.

That’s it.

And that’s a very hard thing for us to do or even understand.

The creation of life, however, is like a video-game that we are co-creating alongside all the souls on earth every second of every day. (That’s also how the literal universe is expanding, by the way)

In each one of those seconds there is an infinite amount of possibilities.

There is choice in every millisecond. Yet, most of us remain blind to this potential and get stuck in predictable patterns because we determine some choices to be right and some choices to be wrong. And, we are scared of the unknown. (The unknown doesn’t become known just because you are making boring choices, by the way. )

Here’s a hard thing to comprehend: each of the infinite, individual choices are correct. When we make a choice, just like when our brain receives new information and creates a new neural pathway, our physical pathway starts to construct itself using this point as its next anchor. Then we find ourselves, again and constantly, at infinitely-pronged fork in the road. One. Step. At. A. Time. A video game being designed in real time with all of creation.

I’m sorry to tell you that there are no mistakes. You are taking your soul exactly where it needs to be delivered in order to learn and grow.

As Westerners, we tend to think in a very bland and binary way: good and bad, right and wrong, better and worse. However, the universe is neutral and has no preference. When you win the lottery it is not a reward any more that becoming homeless is a punishment: it’s an equally educational path. The universe’s only “desire” (of which it is also incapable of) is for you to have the experience you need.

Yes, sometimes the lessons are banal or annoying. Especially as you become more conscious you may find yourself frustrated with the choices that your soul needs you to make. As a personal example, I will come to a situation and find myself in disbelief that I am being delivered to the same lesson — the same lesson that I have actively resisted graduating from; the same lesson my soul absolutely needs in order to bring about new experiences in any certain realm of life. When this occurs, the lesson usually become more obvious, more apparent, more urgent, more undeniable, until you have no choice BUT to deal with it. Think of car trouble. You know there is something wrong and yet you proceed to ride until the whole situation breaks down. Then you MUST handle the problem and it usually comes at a higher cost, time investment, and annoyance level. Spiritual maintenance is an unglamorous but highly helpful practice. So, until you are finally pushed to awaken to the lesson at hand and turn the wheel in a new direction, you will find yourself on a circular path.

That doesn’t matter either. Even if you bonk up against the same lessons, your soul will still get to the destination it needs to get to. There isn’t right, wrong, or better… there is only velocity. You can more quickly deliver your soul to transcendence when you are willing to look at your life in the face and receive what you are being offered as a step upwards.

That’s the whole life thing: Experience. Grow. Experience. Grow.




Trust that what comes your way is what’s meant for you. Create a habit of listening to your interior self intently without miring the information in judgement or conditions. Keep your eyes open. Exercise your ability to see in multiple dimensions by choosing to simply entertain as many perspectives on the same situation as possible and find yourself in a luxury of options.

When you qualify everything as better or worse, when you are constantly trying self improve, optimize, or get things “right”, when you are either winning or losing, you are forcing yourself into an artificial mechanised system where there is seemingly only one way to be successful… And what happens? We go crazy — because our soul begins to scream at us that something is not right. It is not being given oxygen (experiences) from which to grow and so it remains bound. Trapped. Stuck, here. The pain and discomfort, the boredom and sadness, the numbness, are all indications from your soul that it needs to be freed — like the boy trapped in the house in the underground using blinking lights to communicate with his mother. Most people thought she was crazy. You probably dismiss yourself as crazy, don’t you? As it turns out, she wasn’t crazy and neither are you.

There are no good experiences or choices.

There are no bad experiences or choices.

There are only experiences and choices.

How we choose to internalize, cognize, and ultimately identify with these experiences is the the experience.

With that… Can we make our life a devotional tribute to our most uplifting beliefs? Can we accept the belief that great experiences await us and approach all things like they are great until they are — and not because the outward experiences have changed, but because we have?

Can you detach from your ambition and enjoy being?

You can do no wrong. There is no better or worse. There are no mistakes. It doesn’t matter. Listen. Move. Grow. Love.