Land of Glory: Once Again Change the World

Land of Glory (光明大陆) is a 3D real time MMORPG mobile game that joint-developed by Chinese giant game developer NetEase and oversea game studio. Players not only can experience western magical realism art and magnificent game play as well as Raid instance and glorious achievements.

Three classes are available to select that are powerful warrior, agile ranger and mystic theurges.

Hollywood’s top audio and visual team full participate this game to make this game’s quality beyond expectation. Outstanding 3D MMO magical new land once again has changed the world. This world is huge that is 12,960 thousand square for you to discover and fight with your friends.

Overall, Land of Glory (光明大陆) is worth to download and play base on its great art and outstanding game play. English version is not yet lives on the market; don’t miss this opportunity to forestall to play Land of glory Chinese version now.

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