Quick Look at This Strategy Three Kingdoms Mobile Game 《乱轰三国志》

China mobile game 《乱轰三国志》 is a strategy mobile game under three kingdoms background. There are so many those mobile games base on three kingdoms history. However not all of them can receive great results as this game.

《乱轰三国志》 is integrated with card game, tower defense, strategy and other elements together for players to taste the different three kingdoms battle styles. This game gives the player an exciting three kingdoms game battle experiences with team battles, national battles and state battles. Cross server PK enables for this game along with real-time PK, smart quick match for you to fight anytime anywhere. I guess that may be the secret recipe for this game.

This time new version opens the level of military commander to 100 as well as increase 10 levels for commander’s skill level and the soldier’s level. After the new version was launched thousands of players jump to the game to evolve their characters.

A good news for Korean players, last month, Dreamply Games Korea worked together with Phenix Games Hongkong signed the exclusive agency agreement for Korean region with《乱轰三国志》. Korean players won’t take too long to play it.