RWBY Will Soon Release As A Fighting Game, More Details Coming Soon

RWBY is a well-known anime premieres in July 2013 and creates by Rooster Teeth Productions. The story sets in a world of Remnant, players fight with nightmarish creatures known as Grimms. Team RWBY is made up of four girls who are Ruby ROSE, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladona and Yang Xiao Long.

During RTX 2017, Rooster Teeth revealed they will announce some excited news in the upcoming EVO 2017 this Friday July 15 and then AfterBuzzTV confirmed on Twitter that the good news is about upcoming fighting game RWBY. Additionally, no more update news leak from RWBY and more news may have to wait till Friday this week at EVO 2017.

Some media conjectured that Arc System Works might be the team to develop this popular IP. Arc System Works is the developer behind Guilty Gear and they also have publically presented they are very willing to produce the game like RWBY. The crew of Rooster Teeth has visited Arc System Works in December 2016. So all of those evidences together to make us believe Rooster Teeth’s new RWBY game title is a fighting game will produce by Arc System Works.

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