How to make an impact…I think.

The idea of changing the world is something I think about every day. I am obsessed. I have an internal dialogue about how best to make an impact. What will make a difference, how can I — one woman — change the world. I don’t have a huge platform, and often get sucked into my own life. But I so strongly desire to live in a way that helps others in some way or another. This passion drives me even if I feel lost on how I can make an impact.

So I did what we all should do when we feel lost — I just started. I made an Instagram page called @Fempire_.

This is the bio: A community for women who inspire & encourage other women. Official IG of #NoPlusOne book. Dream big, work hard, laugh often, be kind, love yourself.

It was important for me to set a simple goal. To make women feel good about themselves and to lead by example. My theory is that if I exude the behavior that I’d like to see more of, other people will do the same. Domino effect. I leave a genuinely nice comment on somebody’s photo, they feel better and in turn make somebody else feel better. There you have it, women encouraging other women.

So far @Fempire_ has about 440 followers. I’m extremely proud of how it’s going. I’ve hired a community manager (CM)to help grow the channel and the comments she leaves must be amazing because when people comment back it sincerely touches my heart. This morning @Fempire_ received a comment that said, “I love you. Thought you should know.” Another comment reads, “You make my heart pitter pat.”

My CM and I chat almost every day and she tells me how inspired she is. That also makes my day. She is amazing and her passion for inspiring other women in turn, inspires me.

This movement is something I believe in whole-heartedly. If we all feel good about ourselves and feel love, we can all make the world a better place.

Would love to hear your experiences and thoughts.

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