Lessons Learned from LinkedIn

Was just LinkedIn stalking somebody and they had these 5 things written on their profile. I loved it so much I wanted to share.

Top 5 things I’ve learned (so far):

1. Dream big, and then force yourself to dream bigger. Your outcome is dictated by how grand your vision is.

2. Act with conviction. The worst decision is no decision. You will make the right decision 70% of the time. Trust that you’ll course correct and figure out the other 30%.

3. L.A. traffic isn’t all that bad, the sun does shine every day, and kale cures all.

4. Start your day by accomplishing something. Wake up early to work out, read, write, or meditate. It sets the tone for a great day.

5. Relish the journey. The prize is never fulfilling in of itself. The journey is what makes it worth it.

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