3 Things I Learned From My Daddy

I read on my son’s Facebook wall that some think Father’s Day is the most hated holiday of all. That is really unfortunate. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that many people have a right to feel this way because of the behavior or lack thereof of some fathers. However, the cancer of unforgiveness will likely be more detrimental to the person harboring it than the person directed at.

I have many things that I could hate my father for. In fact, I did for many years. Despite that, I came to forgive my father for what he did and didn’t do for me. Through that, I realized that my father taught me many lessons. These lessons were not taught per se, but “caught”. He was a man of few words -at least at home.


The biggest lesson that I caught from my father is humility. Growing up, he irritated me by always being so lowly. He always thought of others higher than himself. I now believe that life had taught him to be humble. He experienced many devastating things in his life and his reaction was humility. I am now trying to cultivate that value.


The second biggest lesson is service to others. I grew up an only child which meant that YES I am spoiled! I am working through that one too! Even so, as I was growing up, I observed the many acts of service that my Dad performed on a regular basis.

He (a very short list):

  • Mowed the laws of a few widows in our neighborhood FREE for over 15 years!
  • Gave the coat off his back for the man of the house of a family who lost everything in a fire and it was snowing at the time.
  • Regularly welcomed complete strangers in need in our home for a meal or even a place to stay temporarily.
  • Started a scholarship fund for incoming freshman attending college.


The third and perhaps the most important is to believe in yourself AND be yourself. My father was pretty eclectic. He had some pretty funny peculiarities. Even so, he did not care what people thought of him and if he had in his mind to do something — he did it! No matter how ‘out of the norm’ it was.

How about you? What valuable lessons did your Dad teach you? Or, if your Dad was not present in your life, what have you learned in spite of that reality? How has it changed you for the better? How has it inhibited you — if so — what are you doing to make up for it? What positive trait did your father figure have in your life?

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