Find in which US Visa category you fall?

Each foreign national, trying to enter the United States for various reasons must acquire a US Visa, before entering States. Depending upon the diverse needs of foreign nationals US Citizenship and Immigration Services offer distinctive sorts of Visa.

Typically we can classify diverse Visa types into two well-known classifications:

  • Immigrant Visa (For permanent stay in US)
  • Non-immigrant Visa (For temporary stay in US)

StepWheel Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd. briefs about different types of Visas-

  1. B-1 Business Visa — B-1 Business Visa is offered to foreign nationals working for any foreign organization. Outside natives willing to visit the United States for business purposes are qualified to apply for a B-1 Business Visa.
  2. B-2 Tourist Visa — Foreign national who wish to visit States for visiting purposes, spending for medicinal treatment or spending holidays are qualified to apply for B-2 Tourist Visa. Natives of countries meeting all requirements for Visa Waiver Program also require B-2 Tourist Visa, in case they plan to stay in United States for over 90 days.
  3. H-1B Work Visa — This type of Visa helps experts with special skills (like Doctors, Engineers, Scientists) to enter United States, keeping in mind the end goal to make significant contribution in America’s development. But only 65,000 H-1B Visas can be issued in one year. It is issued for 3 years and can be expanded for up to 6 years. People with this visa can apply for green card, if their company sponsors them.
  4. H-2B Work Visa — H-2B Visa is an alternate kind of work Visa which is issued to skilled as well as unskilled labourers (for non-agricultural tasks). Only 66,000 visas are issued per year.
  5. C-1 Transit Visa — Foreign nationals who wish to enter US to move to another nation need C-1 Transit Visa. Individuals with C-1 Transit Visa are allowed to visit (for maximum of 29 days) United States when their destination is another nation.
  6. F-1 Student Visa — Student Visa is offered to foreign Students willing to pursue higher studies in United States. They must have a valid educational purpose for coming to United States. In any case, only those students who are enrolling in full time educational program are qualified to apply for F-1 Student Visa. This visa is valid till their course lasts.
  7. J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa — As the name proposes, J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa is for people taking part in exchange visitor programs organized by Education and Cultural Institutions or Business Houses. J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa helps modern learners, teachers, students, research partners, researchers, and individuals on social missions who are partaking in a project of studies, research, training or a cultural intended program intended for such people by the United States Department of State, through its Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.