Veracruz to El Molino? Go look up El Molino, Mexico on Google Maps. I’ll wait.

And, personally, I would call riding with the baggage zero class.

Ever Given Ship, owned by Evergreen. from kees torn, used under license CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

You gotta love a 2,800 year old maritime tradition, especially when modern lawyers get involved.

But we know how to save all the other Annas out there. We just need to do it.

What Anna, Age Eight co-author Dominic Cappello is trying to do isn’t a long shot at all. He’s nearly there...

A little unintuitive advice from a life-long runner.

Lost your running mojo? Get it back quickly by doing the last thing you’d expect.

An accidental performance boost through laziness

Is taking a day off from running really better?

Gregory Sherrow

IT Director of the Anna, Age Eight Institute at NMSU, writer, nut-job trail runner and part-time Stoic. | Twitter: @gregorysherrow

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