My first job as a student

We all experience our first job as a memorable moment in our lives, whether it be one of the worst jobs we’ve ever done or one of the best experiences we might’ve ever had.

My very first job started off at Paul’s Boutique, one of the most popular restaurants in the city. I was very happy to work there since the restaurant is owned by my uncle and it was a good way to get more familiar with a world outside of college. I worked there for about 2 months, and they were one of the best times in my career.

I mostly worked in the kitchen and had to help prepare burgers together with my colleagues, it wasn’t an easy task to learn the different sorts of burgers and besides that, the only thing I could make before this job was homemade spaghetti, which didn’t really give me an advantage on the job. I persevered and kept my focus because I wanted to make my uncle happy. Besides cooking I also served customers, did the dishes and pre-cut ingredients.

I think one of the biggest things about my personality is that I’ll do whatever it takes to perform well, in this case I had most accidents happen during my first day which i’m not proud of. I think I cut my fingers at least 3 times my first day but I tried to not let anyone know and got myself cleaned up. Eventually I had to ask for band-aids because the situation was getting out of hand…

It was a really stressful job to be in some days, customers would just keep coming in and ordering their food, it was crazy to see how my colleagues could keep performing well during these times. I had to keep my cool and step up my game so I wouldn’t be a burden to any of them. I think I performed well overall, I did need some time adjusting to the whole restaurant tempo and the quick learning and adjusting but I did got more love than hate, which is always a good thing.

I loved doing my job, it was my first experience and it showed me how difficult a job at a restaurant can actually be. It showed me how to keep calm in the most stressful situations and to adapt to anything that can go wrong (wrong orders, uncut ingredients,…).

Definitely one of my better experiences on the workfloor.

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