Content is King but Content Marketing is BAE (Before Anything Else)!

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What do YOU, Oprah, Shonda Rhimes, Gary Vee, your favorite Youtube star and instagramer have in Common?

You all are Content Creators!

Yes, You!

If you are posting quotes on social media, live streaming, blogging, trying to grow your business on online or evening just posting selfies, You are creating content!

Content is everywhere.

Free social media platforms, like instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and twitter have made it super easy for anyone to be a Content creator.

So yes, content is King, but how you use and deliver content is what matters first and foremost! Content Marketing is about creating, documenting and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to your identified audience to drive customer engagement and sales.

Content Marketing is BAE (Before Anything Else) because it enables you to focus on what really matters most, your audience, so you can create the content they need and want.

What the Gurus Know!

Here is what sets you aside from Oprah, Shonda and your favorite Youtube star, they know the importance of Content Marketing to increase their income, impact and influence in the marketplace.

They know who their target audience is and what kind of content their audience needs and wants.

They also know how to curate, document and deliver content that has their audience salivating and begging for more, resulting in:

- increased sales, 
- a thriving email list, 
- engaged and loyal followers

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-What is content
-Content creation

-Content curation

-Documenting Content

-Most importantly, identifying YOUR target Audience and what content they want and need!!!

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