Coral Meme: Spiral Dynamics Level 9

Sterling Cooley
4 min readApr 8, 2018
Coral Color Meme is so New it Has No Name… Yet

Coral, a continuation of the Spiral evolution of human consciousness.

Coral would just be the next color, that is, in a way, already decided because of prior artwork which outlines a “Coral” mode of consciousness.

Now, I believe that Yellow is correlated with Systematic modes of thinking, and was really coming into its own in the 70’s when the Internet began to really metastasize.

Turqouise is a bit of an 80’s style of thinking, which actually would corresponded with the Quantum centric world-view. Quantum has this similar connotation to “Magic” in much the same way old Tribes would use Magic as a way to display power.

We have yet to fully explore Quantum mechanical heirarchies, but we’re getting there year by year.

Coral, will likely come, when Artificial Intelligence and Quantum computing are somehow merged, which might actually create a digital Empire King type of General AI. Elon Musk is correct in his warnings, as we might bring about the true “Mad King” in our digital sphere.

It would simply be a matter of spawning many of these “Mad Kings” and let them duke it out, but it will not be pretty.

The reason for “Coral” is due to it having already been mentioned, with little detail, as the next color after Turquoise.

The prior level, Turqouise, represented a cool color, a more collectivist mode of thought.

If we future project to Coral, we again return to a fire color, representing some strange blend of Individualism, but a Tier 2 version.

If the Tier system is like an Octave system, then Coral would be an Octave higher than the lower Red, Power God vMeme.

Which would actually mean, that Coral is a bit of a return to an ego-centric, warlike mode.

This is not surprising if one can pierce the “feel good” veil of our current Turquoise overlords. Is it not obvious that many prior ideologies will have to wage an intense battle for more adherence?

Let’s face it, the Digital Tribal Tier 2 world of Turqouise has served us well, but it does feel as if we are entering a new Empire Building age.

Many might not have been noticing, but there is a war for new ideological territory. Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone who has lost their job for questioning their communities orthodoxy.

In the Tier 1 Purple Tribal world, if you questioned the Chieftain, or the Shamans methods, you were exiled, for life. Back in time, few would have survived in exile.

Now we have a digital exile from the tribal order. But the exiled don’t vanish this time.

Yes, instead, armies of disenfranchised tribes people are gathering all around the Tier 2 digital world, looking for their opportunity to get a piece of the taking.

A military cyber warfare unit, location unknown

Understanding the Coral vMeme, might be made more possible, by analyzing what the Red Power God vMeme was like during its hayday.

Most likely what we will start to see is a form of digital hierarchy, which is well funded, regimented, data driven, interconnected, sentimental and empathetic.

However, it will be highly brutalistic. I expect to see a Coral military presence in the next 15 years develop between two world powers, in particular. I won’t say which ones.

Going a step beyond, this impending, and very brutal Coral age will lay the groundwork for the even further in the future vMeme, which has no set color, so far, but would something like a cooler, collectivist, rules based religious law oriented vMeme.

Violet Level 10 vMeme

I will also make an attempt to perceive what the reasoning is behind Violet as a color for a Level 10 vMeme, and also explain what that would be like, and when we could expect to start seeing more of it.

Hope that was helpful!



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