No Country For Bot Men

We Are All Bots Now

What does it mean to be a citizen of the free world today?

Well, it used to mean one man, one vote. With the uprising of the bots it means something entirely different.

Sure, it still takes a human to walk into a voting booth to cast a vote. But it’s in the influencing of the human in which bots reign supreme. The casting of but a single vote means so much less than it did before.

Here I will propose that in order to be a sufficiently influential member of society, you need your own Bot Farm. That is to say, if you want to wield any power in this version of society in which we find ourselves, you must begin to foster exponential influence.

You can no longer speak your politics at the dinner table, at work, or on the street corner with a clipboard in hand. If you are attempting, or thinking about attempting to influence someone the old way, my advice to you would be to stop immediately!

Your true salvation rests in the electronic whirring arms of the bot farm of tomorrow.

It’s not your fault that your family hates hearing you speak about politics. It’s not your fault that your friends don’t want to hear about politics. It’s 100% not your fault that you struggle to convince anyone of anything these days.

The silent, automatic game of influence has been playing underneath our eyes of detection for so long… We few, we biological, we wet creatures of habit have only now discovered that the rules of the game our ancestors taught us to play have changed.

Your citizenship is only as useful as the impact of your bot army.