Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Repair

Sterling Cooley
Mar 8 · 3 min read
The Vagus Nerve Is The Secret Doorway to Your Brain

Hacking the Vagus Nervous System

It all started when I made a shocking discovery: placing my Ultrasound stimulation device right on my neck produced a profound experience!

I will never forget the day I did it…

I was doing my typical breathing exercises, and I had one of my Ultrasound devices next to me.

What prompted the thought to place it on my neck, right over my own Vagus nerve?

There was just… some suspicion… let’s call it a hunch.

A hunch that there might be something there, something possible we had missed.

It turns out that might be the birth of a revolutionary discovery that is now changing lives, and is on track to radically change the world.

Stimulating The Brain With Ultrasound

In 2013 I started a company called Berkeley Ultrasound, Inc.

In this company I developed incredible technology (with the help of engineers who’s genius sits well above my own.)

This work has set me in the camp of unlikely pioneer, since a handful of other people were doing anything similar to myself, and I have a background from outside academia.

Through the work of colleagues around the world, the discoveries made using Ultrasound to transcranially (through the skull) stimulate the human brain moved at a rapid pace.

It has now been shown that Ultrasound can reverse depression, help treat Alzheimer’s and Dementia, and help with a whole host of variable illnesses and disorders of the brain. This also includes nearly eradicating tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease, and this can now be done with zero surgeries. It’s all just focused sound waves.

The Decision To Help

Upon dropping out of a deep, trance-like state, I surveyed my surroundings again.

I had been holding an Ultrasound device in my hand, while holding my own breath, and had some sort of other-worldy experience!

Something crazy had just happened!

While stimulating my Vagus nerve, and holding my breath, I was able to have an almost spiritual experience, and I felt absolutely incredible!

I felt like I had stumbled onto a timeline full of incredible possibilities.

It was the next day, when I tried to recreate the experience (very successfully, and successfully many, more times) that I knew I couldn’t keep this to myself.

Ready To Learn More?

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