What Is A Belief You Hold That Nobody Else Holds?

Sterling Cooley
Dec 16, 2018 · 2 min read

This is an important question to ask yourself and stay accountable within the simulation.

We are stimulated from all over the world.

Information races into our ears, our eyes, our consciousness.

We are truly not the arbiters of our own thoughts. Maybe it was true in the past, but no longer.

There is no barcode on ideas, and there is no good way to track them.

When did those thoughts enter your mind? When did you unintentionally share the idea with your friends or colleagues?

There’s no real way to tell.

My “one strange belief” is that:

Brain stimulation technology is leadership technology.

It is influence, perfected.

It is the Alpha and the Omega of Leadership principles.

Any form of brain stimulation that is administered, without teaching principles of leadership is misguided and wrong.

It’s not just enough to have you brain tickled with sound waves, or electrical currents.

You must also direct that energy into a meaningful and long term reward system.

The here is not to create short term pleasure machines, because we already have billions of those running around.

I am not interested in creating the next Opioid of the Masses.

I am, however, interested in creating the next great Leaders of the World.

Escape the Hive Mind, for Just One Moment Please

We are individuals that are part of an integral whole.

We will always walk to line between complete isolation as the individual, and loving embrace of the collective energy of the world.

In the end, we all must follow the advice of the Buddha, that it is necessary to walk the middle path.

Everything in moderation.

Ask yourself, how do you separate yourself from the collective hive mind?

What is your one belief that nobody else believes?

You might find it’s more difficult to come up with than you thought…