On Loving Your Human Condition

I want you to touch yourself

Feel the surface of scarred skin

Know that you are becoming everything you were meant to be

Girls like you know they are prettier alive than in the morgue

Boys like you know that they are more handsome than they could ever be in a casket

I know you are always waiting for that call

Waiting for that text that says you did well

You did well

You are beautiful

You are handsome

You are self made from the dirt

You are self made from the sand

And the clay

Trace every single freckle

Know it is good

You are good

Please do not send out smoke signals from your wrists

Instead please erupt as lava

Burn through everything that says you are wrong

Burn through the hate

Know you will rise from the ashes

Be a fucking phoenix

You are fucking perfect

Just the way you are