Mostly when I think about being attached to someone I think about strings

And bony hips

I think about the ratty old black lines just one movement away from my shoe falling apart

Or maybe

Ripping a hole in my favorite sweater

I cannot think about strings without wondering whether responding to a text message from someone who does not love me


I want to set them free

But baby

I am so tied to you

You make me think of ribbons

You make me think of my best birthday gifts

Or Christmas

You make me think of every time pulling my hair up made me feel pretty

You make me feel pretty

You make me feel handsome

I think I’m going to keep the skyline at 3am tied with a red ribbon

And 2am at a diner tied up with a blue ribbon

And maybe the other night in my bedroom tied up with a rainbow one

Because that was gay

And nothing is permanent

But if I must be attached to someone I

Want it to be as beautiful

And painless

As this.