The Best Partner In Business

The best partner you can have in a business is probably one with experience.

Starting something from scratch is such a slog it can be invaluable to have a companion or mentor that has been there before.

I have thought about this issue with my blogging.

With much effort, I hope I can get from point A to point B, learning as I go.

But maybe with a partner or a coaching mentor, I could skip a few of the steps — and many of the mistakes.

I need to consider this.

Like everything else in life, it makes sense that entrepreneurs improve after their first venture.

That’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned about startups: it’s dangerous to go alone . You want people around you who’ve been through this before and are willing to openly share their experiences. That’s why second-and third-time entrepreneurs have such better track records than their first-time peers. And why investors are so much more likely to back a founder who’s been through the game at least once before.

-Rand Fishkin, Lost And Founder

Originally published at Sterling Terrell.