Over & over I’m asked about Marci Turk but I know nothing about her that wasn’t said on air. People want me to comment on the articles / podcasts. I’m not being a good soldier. I simply don’t know about those things. I wasn’t at that level. We never met & I never talked to anyone about her.

Here are the facts as I know them. Howard had a big GTD meeting w/ the staff Feb 2013. She was hired March 2013. (might have been Feb) She took over Tracy’s office & Tracy moved in w/ Gary. BOR was cancelled the same month along w/ all the other staff side shows & Ronnie’s Block Party. I lost Kaplan as my producer at the same time. 3 months later in June SFRT was cut back from weekly to monthly. In Sept Tim was over on the O&A channel & Jeremy had taken his place. We lasted 5 more shows. The Jan 30th 2014 BDay Bash Show was the last SFRT. In Feb Tracy was let go. I wasn’t officially told SFRT was on hiatus until April. That same month Ralph announced Geektime was on hiatus as well.

As for who decided what & why, sorry but your guess is as good as mine. My assumption is the Stern Show is a multimillion dollar company & Howard realized he should start treating the running of it accordingly.