Nothing Teaches like a Mistake | a poem

At every corner of the street,

I see you seated at the same seat.

That long and curly hair,

coupled with your perfect smile,

almost makes it unfair

even for girls with better hair.

I always remember the times,

the times where we felt like the

happiest couple in the world,

the times where we felt as if

nothing could stop us,

the times where we felt we were the only two people on Earth,

the times where I made mistake after mistake.

You changed my life,

but I failed to do the same.

You were once the reason I live,

but now you are the reason I feel pain.

Although to me it’s all a memory,

its a memory filled with regret.

Its almost two years since that surgery,

but it feels like a lifetime since my heart last felt great.

You made me realise that the best teacher in the world

is not one who simply punishes you for being late,

is not the one who simply puts a grade on your work,

but is someone who broke your heart,

who put you in a ward,

who is supposed to be your soulmate,

who you let down so hard,

who made you realise that nothing teaches like a mistake.

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