Taste Changes with Distance | a poem

You are what I used to look up to,

but now you are just a distant memory too.

You were different from everyone else,

but yet I still stuck by you,

beating in sync with my pulse,

which cannot be felt by any fool.

I know it’s hard sometimes,

with everyone riding a different boat.

Even though this was a bumpy road,

We managed to stick together through the tough times.

You were too vulgar and degrading,

while the others were loving and ennobling.

The way you dress is frowned upon,

while the others received praising.

They say love has no boundaries,

but half way across the world seemed so massive,

so massive that even the way you speak,

so massive that even the way you dress,

so massive that even the way you act

is so different from what everyone is accustomed to.

I needed to put on a facade every day,

sewing strings onto the ends of my mouth,

pulling them upwards throughout the day,

every time I fail to strike a connection with the other youth.

Now you are my private comfort,

accompanying me on my lonely nights,

saving my ears from all the supposed rights,

shielding me under the wings of a bird.

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