The Hole | a poem

Although the consequences are serious,

I feel so delirious.

The temptations are real,

It feels so surreal.

What I did not notice,

Was that I fell back into the hole.

The same hole I painstakingly tried to stay away from.

It is so deep,

Caused by the fools who follow the norm

And realised it was too late to weep

Over the mistakes they repeatedly make.

Newspapers, books and movies

All create a perception

About how people should look not only about others but also themselves.

They do not realise that it is the wrath

That tosses them across,

To the black hole of both space and Earth.

They say fool me once, shame on you.

But fool me twice, can’t put the blame on you.

Instead of having a dinner for two,

You decide to play a fool.

Which leads to you falling

Into the hole that is ever so unforgiving.

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