Trapped | a poem

They are smiling and laughing,

completely oblivious to this.

We are tired of trying,

trying so hard to escape this.

Why do we need hope?

When hope doesn’t even stop this.

You ask us to be patient,

but how can we be patient when we have nothing left?

You ask us to work,

but how can we work when there is no work left?

You ask us to speak up,

but how can we speak up if

all you do is nod your heads,

and tear up just for the ‘capes’.

The ‘capes’ the ‘heroes’ wear,

the ‘capes’ that covered us from society,

the ‘capes’ that made you cry because of sympathy,

and made us cry because of poverty.

You will lift your hand to vote for your well-being,

but will you even lift a finger for ours?

We are trapped in this,

an unforgiving cycle,

a cycle of anxiety,

a cycle of insecurity,

a cycle of hatred and envy,

a cycle of poverty.

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