We interview Lisa Wang, former Google PM and CEO and founder of Almost Fun on her journey in product management and how she found a mission-driven career by building an ed-tech non-profit.

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How did your experience with product management help you found a mission-driven non-profit?
There’s quite a few practices I learned as a product manager that heavily influence the way I’ve built Almost Fun. In the earliest stages, I relied heavily on what I learned from user experience researchers at Google in terms of asking questions that really help you understand the people you’re building for. …

Rick Robinson is the VP of Product Development for AARP’s Innovation Labs. He began his career as a journalist and moved into digital journalism then product creation in the mid ’90s. In this Path to PM post, Rick and I discuss breaking into product management and how he ended up working in an innovation lab at AARP.

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How has the product management role evolved for you over time?

I began my career as a print journalist, editing a small weekly newspaper right out of school, and moved into digital journalism in the mid ’90s as a founder of AOL’s Digital City. With digital news being a budding space, and resources always limited, I found myself doing content, product, and development all at the same time. …

SC Moatti is the managing partner at Mighty Capital, a venture capital firm, and founder of Products That Count, one of the world’s largest product manager networks. In this Path to PM post, SC and I discuss strategies for common PM interview questions, including how you would 10x growth at a company.

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How did you first break into product management?
After earning a degree in electrical engineering and then an MBA from Stanford, I wanted to become an entrepreneur and was encouraged to first explore product management. …


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