Every Single Project I Have Ever Worked On

If you want to make something, make it. For inspiration, here’s a list of every single project I have made.

Middle School

  1. Age of Empires II AI — this was the first thing I ever programmed. It just built a house and then did nothing. But it didn’t matter. It was then that I realized I loved programming and wanted to do it all the time.
  2. The Lost Mouse — the only Flash game that ever gave me an award! It was basically one of those Flash games where you have to move your cursor to the finish and you have to avoid the walls or else you will die. The award I got was “Daily Crap” or something like that. It’s given to the game that rates the lowest of any game on Newgrounds that day :p

High School

  1. The Lost Mouse 2 — the sequal to The Lost Mouse. Same premise but this time I learned how to make things move! Added 20 levels and met an animator/designer on the Newgrounds forums and worked with him to make it look decent. Didn’t get the daily crap this time!
  2. RPG in Alice — Never really had a name for this. In my Intro to Programming Course in high school, we had to create an RPG in Alice (think Scratch but with 3d graphics). I made one about some princess locked up in a castle or something. I don’t really remember this too much.
  3. Simple — Another Flash game! Use your arrow keys to move your guy and dodge the blocks coming from above.
  4. Patience — A really easy game to play but hard to be good at. Basically you have to click a box every couple of seconds and if you don’t, you lose. Do you get why it’s called patience now?
  5. All the projects in AP CS — if I were to talk about them, it would be insanely boring. I’ll talk about the final project later but the rest were mundane things like making Video Poker, etc. Nothing too crazy.
  6. Jori the Whale Slayer — What a strange concept. I was sitting in my room trying to come up with some ideas for a project for my AP CS class. I was really hooked on Whale Wars at the time and thought I should make a game where it’s basically Final Fantasy meets illegal whale poaching. And you’re the whale poacher. We made it with Java and it was super awesome to see something like that work.
  7. Dotty — The best game I ever made, in my opinion. You have to press circles that appear as fast as possible before they go away and need to press a certain number of them before the time runs out and you go to the next level.
  8. Cage Bomb — I was really bored one day and my friends were really into memes of Nicolas Cage. So I thought “Why don’t I make a Java program that replaces every single picture someone has on their computer with a picture of Nicolas Cage?” So I did.
  9. Blur Images — This was my first taste of image processing and I absolutely loved it. Basically made a thing that can take an image and then blur it by taking the average color value of the pixels surrounding the current pixel and making that the color value of the current pixel.
  10. Morse Code — You put in “Hey how are you” and it plays back the morse code for it.
  11. ImageSaver — Whenever I took a screenshot, I always had to go to mspaint and then do Ctrl-V and then save it and that was just annoying. So I made a Java program that would automatically save the image into a directory so I didn’t have to do it all the time.
  12. QuotesBot — Takes quotes from BrainyQuote and Tweets them! Could be quotes about anything. Totally configurable.
  13. RPG in Java — for my independent study class, I worked with 2 other people and we made a RPG in Java using Slick2D. We created our own lighting system and it was one of the coolest things I’ve done yet.
  14. Molar Mass Calculator — I started a company with a couple of friends in high school called Savity. One thing we did was make Android apps. I was the Android guy so I basically created all the apps while the others either did business stuff or they worked on websites. Anyways, we wanted to make something that would allow students to easily calculate molar mass given a chemical equation.
  15. Chicken Connect — April 2014 I went to my first hackathon — HackIllinois. It was the most fun experience I’ve had programming. I ended up working with a guy named Brian and at the time, he was the greatest programmer I had ever met. It was so amazing to work with him. But we basically made a thing where you can dare people to do stuff and then they get points if they did that dare, etc.
  16. Monster Scanner — this is one of my favorite apps I made. There was a guy somewhere on Reddit that said someone should make this so I did. Let’s say you’re a parent with 2 kids. Both of them are incredibly scared of monsters. What if you could have an app where you “scan for monsters” and it would tell you they weren’t there? The kids would rest assured everything was fine and you can finally go back to bed in peace. That’s what Monster Scanner is :)
  17. Spell checkr — Reddit bot that would basically tell people they didn’t spell something right.
  18. Test if Lisp — Figures out if a text file contains a Lisp program based on how many parenthesis it has.
  19. Rhyme Tester — Determines if two words rhyme based on the last few letters of both of the words.
  20. Facial Detection System — Played around with OpenCV to get it to detect a person’s face.
  21. Snapchat Captcha Cracker — Made a thing that tried to solve Snapchat’s captchas using computer vision. It didn’t really work but hey, I tried.
  22. Bestr — I chose the worst possible name for this, heh. Basically a Flask app where a user would enter something like “Barrack Obama” and the app would scrape Twitter, run sentiment analysis (using a library, I have no idea how to do that stuff) to see what the sentiment of a specific tweet containing “Barrack Obama” was and it would average them all up and show you the sentiment out of ten. Got honorable mention at the House of Representatives App Challenge :p
  23. rePOTr — Somehow, my friend who made Jori the Whale Slayer with me, decided to go to a hackathon called BattleHack Chicago at 2am and somehow we managed to win first place. I met a really great friend — Nish at that hackathon. But anyways, we made an app where an Android app would be running while one is driving and detect potholes as a person is driving the car based on accelerometer data.
  24. Dead On Water — Started working on a C# RPG platformer. Didn’t get really far into it but it made me realize I really liked C#.
  25. The ARIT of War — Summer before I started college, I created a computer science group for my class on Facebook and made some great friends doing that. Some of those friends and I decided to make an Assassins game Android app and Website. If you’ve never played the Assassins game before, have fun :)
  26. Classes with Friends — Another summer before college project with soon to be friends from RIT. Basically wanted to use your Facebook account as a way to see if any of your friends are taking the same classes as you.
  27. Image to Text — Takes an image, converts it to black and white, and if the pixel was really dark, it would put a “@” symbol. If it was really light, it would put a “ “ space for it. Then one could make the text really small and see the image inside the text.
  28. Open Source Game Level Editor — Was making an editor for game levels so that it would be easier for people to design and create their own. Was going to create a custom format and all.
  29. Agrago — Platform for Farmer Markets. Basically one can request a farmer bring X number of a food item, etc. And contact the farmer using Twilio.

First Year College

  1. Cosmos Browser — send data over text. This went insanely viral and it was the first app I made that thousands of people were using.
  2. Clayr — Android app where user takes a picture of their lab report from a hospital and gets, in layman terms, what everything means.
  3. Wifi Gamepad — this is where I met my good friend Matt. I saw he needed some help with an open source tool he was creating called the WifiGamepad. Basically use your Android phone as a gamepad that connects to a Java server running on your computer.
  4. Sono — I was sad about this because I really wanted to finish it. But basically we created a Google Cardboard augmented reality app that would visualize sound waves where they were heard. So if a speaker was playing some music, in the augmented reality, one would see waves coming out of the speaker. Was primary created to help deaf and hard of hearing people be able to “see” sounds.
  5. Tic Tac Toe — For my CS class, I had to make Tic Tac Toe. Look at this project surrounded by the other ones around it. And now tell me why people want to drop out of college all the time…
  6. Renaissance — Control your computer’s mouse and keyboard with a musical instrument.
  7. Whirlwind Tracker — BitTorrent tracker written in Flask — it didn’t really work out as well as I wanted.
  8. RPG — Had to make an RPG for my CS class. Nothing exciting.
  9. Random Coffee Time — My freshman year, I met a lot of new people over coffee. I thought it was a really awesome way to kind of get a glimpse of a person and seeing if you wanted to be friends. So I thought I would make a service that did that. So that’s where Random Coffee Time comes into play. My friends Velizar and Laurel helped me figure out who to match with who and we had our first round. A lot of people really loved it but I just didn’t have enough time due to school to continue it.
  10. Seam Carving — I really enjoy computer vision. I decided to look at the computer vision course that CMU offers in order to get inspiration for different projects I want to work on. One of them they had was seam carving. I implemented it with dynamic programming in Python during DandyHacks. Hah. That was fun :p To find out more about seam carving
  11. Captor — Augmented reality Google Cardboard app that would give deaf and hard of hearing people the ability to have real time subtitles as they were walking around the world.
  12. HealthNet — For a Software Engineering course, had to make basically a social network for doctors, patients, and nurses.
  13. Masia — Gameboy Color RPG I was working on with my friend Patrick. We didn’t really get far other than getting a square to move by hitting the arrow keys :o
  14. HashTable in C — ‘nuff said
  15. FireWall in C — This was for my CS class — we had to parse packets and determine if we wanted to filter them or not. This was one of my favorite CS class projects.
  16. DataWave — Internet over FM radio. Basically you would hook up an FM transmitter and an FM radio to your phone’s audio port and the app would send data over it. Another phone/computer would act as the server that would access the website the client is requesting and respond with the HTML. The medium of transfer was all FM radio.
  17. HabitRPG-Android — The product is now called Habitica but basically it’s a gamified to-do list with a bunch of other functionality. The Android app they had at the time was absolutely awful. So I decided to make my own. I got pretty far until they released their Android app and then I just kinda scraped this project.
  18. Moskau Remote — Basically a VNC client/server written in C because I hate myself.
  19. Dial Tone — Create your own hold music while you’re on hold.
  20. SMS Python Shell — Create programs by sending a Twilio phone number your Python code and it will run and give you the output.

Second Year College

  1. Tokyo Spaghetti — Python program that piped your computer’s sound to another computer. Wanted to set it up with my Raspberry Pi so that I could play any sound with our apartment’s speakers without having to go plug in the audio cable.
  2. Iris — Tracking a person’s eyes to see where they are looking and when they squint, a laser mounted on their forehead moves to where they were looking and shoots the laser. Laser vision. This didn’t work at all btw. Since it was during Penn Apps and we didn’t have time to finish it :(
  3. Cosmic Wave — Dial up through cellular networks.
  4. Pure Fire — Chrome extension that would easily tell you what songs were in a mix in SoundCloud or Youtube.
  5. Eles — Game I was trying to make. Basically you start off with a few cells (sort of game of life style) and you grow by moving the mouse cursor in the direction you would like to grow. The cells start expanding in that direction. The goal is to kill all the enemy player’s cells and you win.
  6. b e t t e r — Chrome extension that adds a space in between all the letters on the page you are on.
  7. Is Sitting On Butt — Flask app that would respond with No or Yes depending on what the admin chose. (Don’t ask)
  8. Taco Browser — this is still a project I’m working on. Basically getting an internet browser working on the Playstation 1.
  9. Golems — For my Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software class, the final project was to make an education game. We basically made a game like Pokemon except you would program your “robots” to do things like attack, defend, etc.
  10. gorfb — RFB (remote frame buffer) server written in Go. Not done!…. Yet.
  11. Download Subreddit — self explanatory :p
  12. Solving A858 — I used to be obsessed with solving the mystery that is A858. This was just a project to get some statistical analysis on their posts. Read about A858 here.
  13. Go-Cheese — Go library that abstracts away the operating system when one has to control the mouse or keyboard programmatically.
  14. X — Was making a podcast startup that would solve a lot of the problems and growing pains that podcasts have today. But decided I just wasn’t passionate enough about podcasts to really work on it.
  15. RobinKarma — If you don’t remember or never knew about Robin — it was basically a real time chat game on Reddit during April Fools. Basically the majority of the people in your chat room needed to hit “grow” and your chat group would merge with another that also chose grow. It would continue like this until it devolved into chaos. I decided to make a program that would figure out, in a given chat room, who had the most Reddit karma.
  16. (Basically a Sudoku solver) — Had to create a 3-in-a-row backtracking program in… wait for it… MIPS Assembly. Hah. That was one of the worst experiences I had programming.
  17. API — Made an API from scratch while working at Twilio.

Third Year College

  1. Make Twitter Great Again — I don’t know about you but I really really dislike when people auto-follow me or like a tweet of mine just because it had some keyword. It’s not growth hacking. It’s being annoying. Maybe those two things are one and the same. Who knows? Anyways, this is an ongoing project. I want to make a bot that figures out if people auto followed or auto liked a tweet and it would automatically block that person and add them to a database so that everyone using this service blocks them as well. If Twitter isn’t going to remove all these fake accounts and botted accounts because it will hurt their active user numbers, I have to take matters into my own hands.
  2. Pymojify — Python library that allows a person to convert English sentences into emoji equivalent sentences.
  3. Cookie Jar — this is a project I’m working on currently. I don’t really want to talk much about it just yet because we might be changing what it is and all that fun stuff. But it should be interesting nonetheless :)

As I finish writing this, it is approaching 1AM. I have an Analysis of Algorithms class tomorrow at 9:30am. So I should probably go to sleep :o

I probably missed a few projects but they probably aren’t important, anyways.

I have made all these things because I follow a single idea: Make things that you think are cool and will help you learn something new.

:wq and peace

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