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The Ethereum Classic community is riddled with ideas and new contributors wanting to take Ethereum Classic to new levels. Ethereum Classic core devs and participating stakeholders met on August 28, 2020, in a productive meeting to discuss a variety of Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposals (ECIPs). Participating organizations included Byzantine Fault, ChainSafe, Chipper Robotics, Ethereum Classic Core, Ethereum Classic Cooperative, Ethereum Classic Labs, RootStack, VeriBlock, and a dozen other members from the community.

The agenda

Due to the time limit, not all proposals were discussed but will be entertained in further meetings to be announced.

Main actions items & decisions

  • ECIP-1043 proceeds to a 3-week last-call period: ECIP-1043 proposes to fix the DAG. This may be done by freezing the DAG size and rotating parameters. More research on current DAG size projected DAG size, and a suitable block number is underway. …

The Ethereum Classic network underwent a deep chain reorganization last night as a result of a 51% attack on the network. Parity/ OpenEthereum nodes could not correctly process the reorganization causing Parity/ OpenEthereum nodes to become out-of-sync from the main network. We are providing this information so that the ETC community and stakeholders have accurate information. We continue to investigate the issue, and we will provide more information as it becomes available.


If you are a miner/pool, then ONLY use Core-geth for your Ethereum Classic nodes because Core-geth supports mining applications. …

ETC Core recommends that new and existing ETC node operators, exchanges, miners, and wallet providers implement Core-geth or Hyperledger Besu clients.

Core-geth & Besu


If you’re running an ETC node, it is recommended that you use or plan on transitioning to Core-geth or Besu, which are actively maintained by ETC protocol developers.

Migrating from Parity (OpenEthereum) to Core-geth — Additional guidance.

Why Is This Important?

Hard-forks, features, and bug fixes will continue to be implemented in Core-geth and Besu. Using these actively maintained clients will help ensure proper operation of nodes as the Ethereum Classic network grows. …


Stevan Lohja

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