So you’ve been wondering what’s been going on with the heated discussions in ETC lately. Maybe read some articles that ETC is hacked or there is no dev team anymore eh? Well, let me explain.

Was the Ethereum Classic Github hacked?

NO: The user krycoder had ownership rights to the ETC community codebase and removed ownership rights from other shared owners making themselves the sole owner of the repository. This functionality is a GitHub feature, not a hack. Igor Artamonov of ETCDEV made an agreement with ETC Labs to add the krycoder account with ownership rights. Krycoder then removed owner rights of other users of the ETC community repository with the krycoder account the sole owner of the repository. ETC Labs is working together with community leaders to restore federated ownership of the repository. At the moment, krycoder has been suspended by GitHub support and no damages have been done to the ETC codebase.

Is ETCDEV closed?


Why is ETCDEV closed?

ETCDEV is a company that employed a team to work on core Ethereum Classic projects. The company simply ran out of money to pay for operations due to mismanagement of funds and failure to get more funding.

Is ETCDEV being taken over?

NO. ETCDEV is not. While ETCDEV developers can join other teams or get a job at Google, Starbucks, or any other company for that matter, ETCDEV, is not being “taken over”.

Does ETC still have ETC developers?

YES: ETCDEV is simply one of many companies and independent contributors in the ETC ecosystem. Former ETCDEV members are and can contribute to ETC in other opportunities or independently.

Are ETCDEV developers being poached?

NO: ETCDEV developers have every right to seek other opportunities. ETCDEV developers did not have transparency from their own leadership regarding their company’s funding until paychecks could not be paid. Unpaid employees aren’t poached.

Did ETC Labs copy ETCDEV code?

YES: Krycoder copied ETCDEV’s open source projects. Anyone can copy and fork open source code.

What was the big deal than?

There is no big deal, just big egos.