Inflation is the rate at which the price of goods and services rises. With inflation…
Bitcoin (BTC): 1.78%
Ethereum (ETH): 0.54%
BNB: — -
Tether: — -
Solana: 10.13%
Cardano: 2.03%
US Coin: — -
XRP: 24.33%
Polkadot: 9.99%
Doge: 3.95%
Terra: 3.49%
Avalanche: 39.58%
Shiba: — -
CRO: — -
BUSD: — —
Polygon: 13.36%
WBTC: — -
Litecoin: 3.80%
Uniswap: 45.71%
Tron: 0.16%
Algorand: 21.54%

Screenshot from 2021–05–05 17–14–44,

Ethereum Classic has taken leaps in price action and soared in market cap sitting in the top 20 cryptocurrencies. Many are wondering what’s going on with Ethereum Classic? I’m assuming many readers are completely new to Ethereum Classic. Therefore, let’s briefly explain what Ethereum Classic is.

Quick History

Ethereum Classic (ETC) and…

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