The BMW 5 series — 2017 Edition

Darwin and the beauty

It feels like I am praising the enemy. Well it is not an enemy per se, but I have never liked Beemers or BMWs. I have always given credit for the engines they build, but one cannot deny that Audi, Mercedes even Peugeot make good engines too. So, as I said I have never been fan of BMW because I have always felt like they miss something in the design area. They are strong, powerful, but frankly said: boring and ugly!!!

That being said I want to move on and finally give a big acknowledgement to the design team with the new 2017 BMW 5 series. This car is truly an evolution and I mean in a Darwinian way of evolution. Only the strong and fit survive. And here we have exactly that. They still use the similar “boring interior”, but my oh my…. this car looks beautiful. Just by the first impression it made my head turn twice and ask: Wait, What? Refinement? Classy? Sexy? Oh yes!!! It makes you feel like it is saying: IS it ok now? Are you finally happy? I busted my ass off to get here but now I am here and I am gonna take the crown.

Well deserved I must add…

But…there is still the Audi A6 or S6.

But please, if you do have the money do not hesitate to buy it. It is the best beemer (yes better than the 7 series). If I see you on the streets I will definitely turn my head twice. I would wanna see your face and see what type of dude you are. I promise you will look cool. Even more than that, you will feel cool. Evolved. Stronger, fitter. It is like you too had survived and now you are eating the fruits of the victorious fight you’d had.

I tried contacting the BMW Team and I must say they were kind enough to give ma an answer (although negative) to spend 24 hours with the car and make some photos of my own. I am thankful for the answer, but for the photos you might have to wait some time or go and find them on the internet which is boring as I would have taken the car to some really cool places and would have shown you exactly what I was talking about…

Till the next time…enjoy your Beemer!

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