Cryptocurrencies are gradually becoming mainstream across the globe with market capitalization nearing the 200-billion-dollar mark. What can regulation do for the industry?

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When the cryptocurrency tsunami made landfall in the winter of 2017, it took the world by storm. It would appear that too many people, they thought it was a fad that would fade. However, two years since the initial bull run and surge in bitcoin value, it now looks like cryptocurrency is here to stay. Despite the long crypto winter that only receded in 2019Q1, the demand for cryptocurrency is still robust.

What gave Rise to the Demand for Regulation?

The upheaval arose against cryptocurrencies when the deluge of ICOs swept through the globe like wildfire. The rush of ICOs looked too good to be true, and in a short while, with reports of failed and dubious schemes, a new song emerged. It was the song of disapproval and calls for regulation. The blockchain came as a novel idea, and it did seem that the world was ill-prepared for it. …

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By Stevan Mcgrath on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

Cryptocurrencies took the world by storm in the last 18 months. Nonetheless, there has been a rise in tension amidst a dip in crypto prices with fears expressed on the future of the market.

According to Charles Darwin, only the strongest survive. Amid the 77% drop in the digital currency trade, only the best crypto exchanges will make an impact and make the needed progress. For example, the Bitcoin trade has dropped from $20,000 to $5,000 only. This is a reason to worry for any person who is into cryptocurrencies investment.

Early this week, we woke up to sad news where investors of QuadrigaCX, the Canadian owned cryptocurrency had their $190million investments locked. According to The Guardian, the largest exchange in Canada neither got the password nor the recovery key. Steemit’s action to lay off 70% of its staff is also raising eyebrows. …

The world is headed for a future dominated by the Internet of Things. As an Internet of Things enabler, IOTA opens a door for the management of climate change.

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IOTA homepage

The world of blockchain opened up to humanity through the bitcoin innovation. Over the course of the last decade, humanity has seen the workings of the POW algorithm, which drives bitcoin. As an energy-intensive algorithm, POW has drawn flakes globally. IOTA happens to be a project that operates outside on the normal crypto mining narrative.

IOTA is firstly Environment-friendly

Unlike most crypto, IOTA is pre-mined, and all the coins needed are already created and known. IOTA ecosystem is built on a distributed ledger framework, which is akin to the blockchain. This, however, is also the point of departure as IOTA is premised on facilitation of the Internet of Things. …


Stevan Mcgrath

Stevan Mcgrath is a cryptocurrency enthusiast. passionate about the potential these tools and blockchain technology bring to the world. #Blockchain #cryptoworld

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