5 Killer Social Media Management Tools You Need To Use Right Now

Ten years ago did anyone guess that social media marketing will one day take over traditional methods rapidly? To cope with the ongoing trends and generate business, every small and big-scale trader need to revise their marketing strategy. It is an additional burden on your shoulders to ensure lead generation. If you want to be in the business, you ought to take every opportunity.

Management of timely responses, keeping a track of inventory, posting regular updates are all parts of social media marketing. In order to help you organize your business in a better way, we have compiled a list of 5 best social media management tools. Planning and execution are keys to success and with the help of these tools, you will surely benefit.

What Is Social Media Management?

The job is typically handled by a social media management team which is essentially skilled in handling the challenge and be up-to-date with social media marketing trends. The job responsibility includes- sound knowledge of products, rules and regulation; planning and scheduling posts; writing and editing posts, adds creation, posting and many others.

According to Forbes, a desirable social media manager should possess certain qualifications and armored with special skills such as a flair for writing, customer-centric approach, thorough knowledge of SEO, graphics design and content marketing. No doubt, it is a crucial role that directly affects business.

If you think social media marketing is of no use to you, let us correct you by saying that it is one of the important and inseparable components of running a business. Hubspot recently published data on marketing statistics and pointed out 90% marketers have been able to generate more business. Social media marketing increases brand awareness, helps to gain excellent search engine ranking and drives more traffic with a better conversion rate. Additionally, it eliminates unnecessary marketing costs.

What Are Social Media Management Tools?

Handling social media, as we have learned, is a tricky affair as the business depends on it. A small mistake may cost the company a fortune. Moreover, it is a demanding job, meaning you have to invest time and energy in it which is exhausting at times. The desired outcome is only possible when you learn the tricks to do your job easily and social media management tools are the answer.

When you are busy with meetings or traveling things become difficult to manage and in certain cases, the work of handling social media is rather complicated. Social media management tools ease your work by helping you organize, plan and execute in a professional manner. It simplifies your job.

With the help of these tools, you can multitask, schedule posts, analyze performance, reply & post in several platforms at once, create content and visuals, corroborate with your team, improve upon customer relationships, monitor keywords, personalize and do much more with one tap.

Starting from free to paid services, there are hundreds of tools you can find online that claim to help you achieve success. Some of the platforms allow you to multitask, whereas, a few are dedicated to special tasks. Finding the best marketing tools isn’t easy, that’s why we have named the top ranking tools for your use.

5 Killer Social Media Management Tools

Wondering what are the best in the market? We have done the research for you so you don’t have to waste your valuable time. Boost your business and empower yourself with these 5 social media management tools:

1. Buffer- Engagement with multiple platforms is made easy with Buffer. You can opt for free or paid service according to your requirement. The benefits of using Buffer are summarized below:

· One tool for all- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

· Schedule posts with default time slots set by Buffer. No need to set time separately for each post.

· Gives insight into analytics and performance report.

· Can be used for personal and business purpose. If you want to use it for your own profile, and pages or for your business, Buffer has you covered.

· Opt for free service or upgrade to paid services for a better experience.

· User-friendly. You would not find the tool difficult. Navigate as you like.

· Android and iOS operational apps. So what if you want to check on the reports when you are traveling? You can check the reports, analytics and reply using your phone.

2. AgoraPulse Tool- Uncomplicated social media engagement with one tap on AgoraPulse. Navigation on different tabs and segments is extremely easy on this platform, which is why it saves you a lot of time. The reasons for which we consider AgoraPulse our favorite are-

· Engage with followers on top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from a single dashboard.

· Capable of handling a large audience.

· Gives performance analytics, where you can see the performance of each post, reach and engagement.

· Know your best fan followers. Easily find out who has engaged your posts, and who retweeted the lately, who are known as ambassadors and influencers.

· Spamguard helps to protect your accounts by flagging unwanted replies.

3. Sprout Social- This remarkable paid social media management tool has grabbed a lot of attention lately due to excellent customer relationship management. The most loved features are:

· It allows you to connect your social media profiles and pages.

· Filter messages from a particular profile, for instance, if you want to stick to Facebook, apply a filter to see the messages only from Facebook avoiding other profiles.

· Helps you coordinate with your team better.

· Schedule posts according to convenience and leave it up to Sprout Social to do the job for you.

· Discovery is one of those useful features that enable you to view recent fan followers who interacted, retweeted and chatted with you.

· It is well equipped with reports and witty analytics.

4. Hootsuite- One of the most preferred solutions for an effective social media management, HootSuite is a multifaceted platform that connects your profiles with different sources and simplifies your task.

· Save time with fast operating publishing feature. Write and publish within seconds.

· The smart tool allows you to connect with more than other tools do. You can add Facebook, Twitter, Google+ pages, Instagram, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Flickr, Tumblr, Vimeo, Wordpress and more.

· Publish your posts any time of the day or night with the help of auto scheduling.

· Check up-to-date analytics on the dashboard. Add or import files and download reports. You can also customize the dashboard.

· Post update on one or multiple channels with one tap.

· Receive free reports on your performance over the emails that include audience, clicks per day and best links.

5. Tailwind- Tailwind is ideal if you spend more time on Pinterest and Instagram posting photographs and visuals. With this tool you can:

· Create and save bulks of Pins and schedule posting. It is possible that you do not want to upload pins regularly to save time. In such cases, you can save the posts in drafts and publish at a later date.

· No time for daily publishing? Well, Tailwind has got your back. Let it auto schedule for whatever you want to publish or add dates manually and forget about it.

· Well, don’t forget to check the analytics. It gives you information on the likes, comments and more.

· Free service was never so better! Tailwind free trial allows you to schedule 30 Instagram posts and 100 Pins. Isn’t it wonderful?


In the era of digital marketing, every minute there is something new. Social media marketing trends keep on changing according to subscribers and users, which is why to run a successful business you need to stay sharp and awake. As we have learned from our discussion, social media marketing is beneficial in several ways, there is no reason why you should not try it. To accomplish your task easier, you should opt for the best social media management tools which will improve customer experience and generate more revenue.

If you want to know which tool is best for you then you need to do a research and see what are the things you need and how the tool claims to be distinct from others. Pricing is another factor. Not necessarily the most expensive tools have the best solutions, it does not work that way. If you are slightly aware of your requirements and how the social media management suite is offering, you can grab a good deal. So what are you waiting for? Delaying means loss so wait no more and signup for the best tool and beat your competitors.