Why Instagram Is Becoming The Best Channel For Organic Marketing

  • Making customer interactions actionable
  • Use influencer marketing and contests to build brand awareness
  • Test for engagement and ROI using available apps and measurement tools
  • Use Instagram Ads
  1. Create a video or photo with a caption
  2. Log in to Facebook and access the power editor section in the “manage ”
  3. Create a campaign stating the goal of the campaign and how you wish to pay
  4. Name your ad
  5. Set up a spending limit for your campaign (this is optional)
  6. Complete the details of the ad setting preferences for the campaign schedule, placement, audience, optimization, pricing and tracking pixels
  7. Upload to complete your ad
  8. Report on results to avoid more charges by tweaking an ad if it is not performing well
  9. Always follow the best practices by observing the rules outlined on Instagram customer care center.


Instagram is growing to become the powerhouse of engagement with the target audience. With Instagram ads, it is projected to become even better. Nevertheless, you need to observe the best practices to attract your audience. Remember, the biggest problem with building a following on any social marketing channel is consistency. Various social platforms may boast of great user experience but often becomes hard to learn. For this reason, it is important to stick with few platforms that you can easily master. Simply pick a channel of your choice and become an expert in it.



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Stevan Mcgrath

Stevan Mcgrath

Stevan Mcgrath is a cryptocurrency enthusiast. passionate about the potential these tools and blockchain technology bring to the world. #Blockchain #cryptoworld