For the first time in my life, I don’t feel safe as an American

Are we safer with Trump?

There is a sinking feeling creeping around water coolers and dinner tables in America, a feeling that we are not used to. At 49, this is the first time in my life I’ve felt like we may be the weaker country…and it scares the shit out of me.

As a house divided, can we be at our best when too much focus is on our civil war of Liberal vs Conservative agendas? I, like most thought that a Trump administration would include a tough stance on all people and places that are Anti-American, so why do we feel less safe?

In a world that includes a trigger happy (and now nuclear capable North Korea), a radical Islamic threat that longs for Armageddon, and a reigniting of the Russian corruption & confidence, can we afford time and effort spent on issues that are merely to appease conservative voters? I worry that our President is focused more on saving face with his party and his ego than on protecting Americans from the real threats to our country and planet today.

Right now we are highly focused on (and bickering about) immigration, walls, healthcare and endless exaggeration as to these being the most important issues to Americans today. But are they? Really?

We are distracted. I imagine Putin, Islamic terrorists and the crazy chubby baby north of the DMZ see America at a disadvantage right now and vulnerable to a very nasty surprise. Will it take the next surprise to get Americans united again? Unfortunately and historically, yes.

As Americans arm themselves in record numbers, we ignorantly believe that we will soon be boarding up our doors and windows, sitting on a stockpile of ammo and food in a post-apocalyptic society that defends itself (from our porches) against Muslims, Mexicans, Atheists and yes, sadly for some, even Zombies. The scary part is, we seem to be okay with this as a foregone conclusion. Have we forgotten what real modern conflict looks like?

As America continues to drive down the freeway with an old mattress haphazardly strapped to the roof of our station wagon, one hand on the wheel and the other confidently holding on to the comfort-top memory foam bed that is our recent history, we are dangerously naïve to our weaknesses.