What if love is all there is…

We’ve all heard the term “God is Love”. But the mass interpretation of such has been with the thought of God, as an omnipotent creator exuding the love that binds us all. What if the obvious has been laid before us for centuries and we haven’t seen it?

Think carefully about the words…God…is…Love, then reverse it.

Can it be this simple? Can the concept of a “god” be that Love is the answer, shrouded in a concept that makes it easier for us to understand? Apparently, for most of us, love requires a face, a story, about a man and his father.

What if Love is all there really is.

Occam’s razor suggests that the simplest answer is likely the truth. What if LOVE IS GOD? What if all the heavens and all the hells are within us? What if every religion, every bible, every prophet can be reduced to the common denominator of Love, and we, a feeble, lonely species crying to the universe with all our love and pain had to put a face on a feeling?

What if?