Learning By Doing: What I’ll be writing about

I mentioned briefly in my first post what you can expect from this blog in terms of content. I wanted to share a little bit more about that and expand on what I’ll be writing about as well as the general format and principles to which I’ll be writing with.

Types of Post

In terms of format, I imagine posts will follow the following formats:

  1. Update — This is an update, such as this, that serves to tell you a bit more about my journey, milestones or what to expect. Examples may include: site updates, milestone (my first £ made) or the launch of a new product. (Note — for particularly big updates, I’ll also add the category ‘LBD Journey’).
  2. Define/Describe/Informational — These are posts the aim to educate and inform people about specific topics. Examples posts may include: ‘Different types of passive income’, ‘What is SEO?’, etc.
  3. How To/Educate/Actionable — These are longer posts that aim to deep dive into an actionable process. Example content ideas might be: ‘4 steps to keyword research’, ‘how to choose the right domain name’, etc.
  4. Results/Review — Following a “how to” type article I would like to do results reviews. This means paying whether the action was effective or not. This should be useful in closing the loop on whether the how to is actually worth following and will be really important for my learning (and those following along).

Content Themes

From the above formats, there will also be a few key themes. The themes are generally applicable to formats 2, 3 and 4.

The themes of content will generally fall into the different phases of building a revenue generating project. Currently, I see these as the following:

  1. Opportunity Research — This is the research that goes into assessing an opportunity, how hard it might be do execute and how large the opportunity is. This also includes an assessment of what skills I stand to learn. (Remember — at worst I want to grow my skill set, at best I want to make money too). So far, most of the pre-work I did before launching this site has been in this stage. Examples of content here could be: competitor analysis, keyword analysis, market research etc.
  2. Create Phase — This is the creation stage of a project; actually building or making the thing. Examples of content here could be: launching a site on wordpress, creating an ebook, etc.
  3. Marketing — This is the building of a user base or customer base for the product. Examples of content here could include: SEO, backlink generation, paid ads, content marketing etc.
  4. Partnership Building / Revenue Generation — This is the stage that actually sets about to make revenue from the project. Articles here could include: how to find profitable affiliate partners, how to make Google ads work, etc.
  5. Productivity — This content theme is slightly different to the above in that it doesn’t directly input into the projects themselves. Productivity is clearly majority important to making sure all the above actions are as effective as possible. Examples here may include: time management, short cuts, tips, etc.
Learning by Doing — Content Themes

General Principles

My writing is a reflection of me. Given this, I think its important it reflects a few of my core values. I commit to writing with the following principles in mind:

  1. Transparency — I want to be as open and transparent as possible. I want people to learn as much from my writing as possible. I’ve found when I read other blogs, transparency is always a positive. To what degree I’ll be able to do this, I am still not fully sure. For example, do I want to share revenue figures of projects? After all, this will be my income. That is to be decided, but the general principle stands.
  2. Honest & Straightforward — I want to write with honesty. I’m not tying to sell people on anything. If things are easy, I’ll say so. If they are hard, I’ll say so.
  3. Data Driven — In order to encapsulate the above two, I think data is important. Numbers help people to understand the scope and scale of tasks and challenges. Often, numbers and tables can be more useful than words. Where possible, I will aim to include as much data as possible. This will be particularly prevalent in “how to” type content and “result review” type content.
  4. Credit — Everything I am learning and practicing has in some way been learned from or taught by someone else. As much as I can, I will give credit where credit is due and mention/link to the relevant people.
  5. Emotional — I want my writing to reflect the journey. I want it to reflect my feelings on the way. I want it to reflect the highs and the lows. Often half the battle is staying motivated, keeping at it and persevering when things get tough.

I hope the above gives everyone a greater insight into what is to come on LBD. As always, any feedback or comments appreciated — you can get me on @stevanpopo.

p.s. If you missed the first post, you can see that over here. You can learn about what LBD is and my motivations for starting it. You can also subscribe to my monthly newsletter here.

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