Review of ‘Put Me Together’ By Guest Rooms

The whole album has this dichotomy. Of being happy and sad. Of losing everything and having nothing at all in the first place. Of being hung up on loss and being over it. Different songs are loud while others are quiet while others switch between the two. But that’s life. The whole album is generally very mellow, with noisy samples of everyday items (a sample of the doors to a library on UT’s campus is on the album and is made to sound beautiful). The album could best be described as “vaguely ambient”, but I’ve never heard an ambient album be so intrusive. But maybe that’s the magic of it. Many of the lyrics on the album are poetic and very hard hitting. “I complained to God rather never love at all than to lose it” comes from the title track “Put Me Together” and the last track, “Holy Saturday”, asks “will I ever be the same again? could I ever be the same?”

You can listen to the album here: