Why you shouldn’t unlock your phone with your face
Quincy Larson

IMHO, I think Apple already consider any risk that could be happen. If FaceID so suck, I believe Apple ( World No.1 technology company by market capitalization today and all of their greatest engineers ) will not launch it.

Let’s give it a try first. Even thought I am not an iPhone user, but I thought that judge too quickly is never a good idea.

My concern here is the feature ( FaceID ) is a pioneer and hope this technology will lead us into more advance security lock like the iPhone can caught our brain signal while we looking at the phone to unlock the phone. All we need to do is think one word that we set as our signal password and the phone also recognize our face during that time.

After all, we need innovation. We cannot just stuck in 4 digit PIN and do no improvement. Found new technology, try it, fail it,no matter, found new one, try it again, fail again, then fail better.

Sorry if any one that got offended. I have no intention to offend anyone. Literally.

Thanks for your great article sir Quincy.

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