Being a Junior Developer is tough (My harsh reply)
Tom Harrison Jr

“…You are a software engineer. You have entered a profession in which, if you work hard (and as hard or harder than you have worked in college) you will become a god, a hero, and a genius who knows more shit than any other human on earth…”

get a grip dude. sw development is collapsing on itself…. In big company (24–7 teams). sw devs are now graded by how many lines of unit tested code have been checked in in the last 48 hours….There is no artistry, no flair, no humanity. cloud/web solutions will remove the need for many small business to own a computer…. dumb terminals connected to “mainframes” in the sky (sound familiar)

AND it won’t be long before the machines will begin churning out code themselves….

sw dev, just like everything else, is about to get swallowed by the persistent forward movement of “progress”

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