“Ain’t nutn worse’den this cursed arse hopeless life.” How life had developed his thoughts at that point. This occurs many-many times with; he, caught in a ‘roun’a way scenario. He wants out, but his ngigas, and lul Tasha he used to mess wit got the sweetest lul babygirl. She be givin’a sweetest lul kisses, & be getn all happy, clapn her hands when he come by.

His ngigas, dhey trine do right, but they weren’t Proverbs 22:6’d in the American way, so they keep striking out. Dem ngigas’a get tired, but dem ngigas keep trine’ough. But they gaa make dough & Potchie hit George & Kev off wit’a ‘quarter ki’. Ngigas could eat a lul bit, den ‘re’ up, then cop dhey own joints. Potchie got’da whole hood eatn, all’a youngns got bikes & chit.

Potchie got’da beefn wit his right hand man ‘Bolo’ dough, and’@ chit got seers. Somehow, ngigas fcuked some money up &’nem two goin stop fcukn wit each uvva.

Now, Potchie gaa new connect, and’@ chit he got now ain’t right. Dis when ngigas start jugglin, hitn’a pills, fcukn’em lul freaks roun’a way & all’@. S’fallin apart.

But this is how things transpire regularly roun’a way. Ngigas start getn high, fcukn dirtball broads, not treatn’hey babymuvva’da same, doin ngigas shady. Cause I Timothy 6:10. Turns life into a ‘cursed arse hopeless life’. And why Proverbs 22:6 leads to Provervs 16:3. Could get out of it wit God trufe. But deez ngigas don’t know, no God trufe. Dhey’un know none. John 4:24.

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