S’when’@ tussy get rotten’@ her trufe arises. Cause she then knows; that: “I’ain no good’da no ngiga cause my tussy gowne. S’gown’a ‘funkyland’ some mawfcukn where. She feel like she’ain worf chit. Cause’a ngiga tried her chit after it got rotten!

Like’da kill’t’da ngiga. Chit clogged his breavn passages. Ngiga damn near died. But’da ngiga warned all’a uvva ngigas he’cou get too dough. That particular type broad aint nowhere near a lady & she’a do mass invalidity for a ngiga who’a; just at least, talk to’er here & nare.

She just ‘some chit’ naa. Cause her ‘tussy gowne-gowne-gowne’. @’mawfcuka ‘lowng gown’. Shame.

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