A few weeks ago, I was asked by Morag McLaren of WhatUsersDo.com to contribute to an ‘expert opinions’ piece on how we involve our users in the product development process.

In the digital product team at Trinity Mirror, we develop means for our readers to consume our content. – on…

Photo by James Gadsby Peet

The topic for this month’s ProductTank London, the meetup for product people, was user research. Speaking were a trio of experts: a product manager for a user testing service; the CEO of a conversion optimisation agency; and the Head of User Research & Design at the Home Office.

Here’s a…

Friday 4 November was the day of #JAM2016 — a Jesuit Athletic Meet in Manila, and also the second annual product conference taking place in Bethnal Green. I was in London, but luckily I was able to follow along with the events in the Philippines while tweeting about “raw and…

Steve Farrugia

I like the web.

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